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The Watch Repairer's Manual: Second Edition

2018 Reprint of 1961 Second Edition.  Full facsimile of the original edition. Not reproduced with Optical Recognition software.  As The New York Times wrote after his death, Henry B. Fried was "widely acknowledged as the dean of American watchmakers." In the revised, 1961 edition of his classic book The Watch Repairer's Manual, reprinted here, Fried addresses topics important to contemporary watch repairers, such as self-winding watches, waterproofing, calendar watches, alarm wristwatches, and chronographs. The Watch Repairer's Manual also includes a fine visual dictionary of exploded views in isometric, which are very helpful for ordering watch parts. One of the few modern books available on the techniques of watch repair and certainly the most esteemed, The Watch Repairer's Manual is outstanding for its sequence of presentation and its many useful illustrations, including enlarged details of alarm and self-winding watches. The consummate craftsman and master of details, Fried himself created the illustrations. From teaching others, Fried has learned that if you have a good understanding of how and why the mechanisms work, you will become better at fixing any problems you face-often without needing to consult a book. The Watch Repairer's Manual provides: - Helpful background material, such as full descriptions of the main divisions of the modern watch mechanisms, including the purpose and function of each unit. - Complete directions for cleaning and overhauling a watch movement for casing. - A section devoted to general repairs and troubleshooting. For anyone interested in watch repair, this volume will serve as a working manual, a reference manual, and even a course of study. Assuming little previous knowledge on the part of the reader, Fried provides complete and clear detail on each operation. The Watch Repairer's Manual should be of great value to the student, hobbyist, watch collector, and instrument maker. Henry B. Fried wrote and illustrated 14 books, many pamphlets, and hundreds of articles on horology, the science of timepieces. The first American to receive the Silver Medal of the British Horological Institute, he served as president of the New York City Horological Society and the New York State Watchmakers Association and vice president of the old Horological Institute of America. He taught and lectured on horology and served as an industry consultant. He also was a consultant for the Random House Dictionary and the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

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Tarafından yayınlandı The Watch Repairer's Manual: Second Edition 14 Mayıs 2018

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