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The Runaway Bride (The Wedding Series)

Are you sure, babyThe father of the bride-to-be notes the confusion on his daughters face. Just before her walk down the aisle, Judi Monroe overhears a conversation that indicates marrying Sterling Carroll might be a big mistake. Escaping her socialite wedding in Lake Forest, Illinois, she drives west, covering her tracks as she goes. In an isolated corner of Wyoming, she swerves her car into a tree to avoid hitting a horse and rider. Shes rescued by that lone rider or Ranger, as she fleetingly recalls -- a rugged rancher named Thomas Vance.Judi needs time to puzzle out the predicament shed dodged in Illinois. But here she is, in the arms of a doubting Thomas, a man with a strong jaw, deep-green eyes and a commanding presence.When Judi evades his personal questions, not to mention his penetrating gaze, Thomas dismisses his half-sister Becky's diagnosis of amnesia. Judi seizes on this foot in the Diamond V door, staying on as a caretaker for Thomas beloved grandmother. Judi finds a family on the Diamond V, even as her masquerade as a home health aide slowly unravels. She falls hard for her horse whisperer, fearing her secret will cause him to bolt from her life.As for Thomas, he knows this impostor is lying, another outsider betraying his family. Yet he cant help but trust this sexy, independent, smart woman who has lassoed his heart.The Runaway Bride is a USA TODAY BESTSELLERReader reviews:Loyal readers know what to expect from a Patricia McLinn book -- a strong, emotional story, a solid plot, and characters so real you miss them when the story ends. The Runaway Bride is no exception. -- Shannon Stacey, 5-star Amazon reviewMcLinn "creates a fresh approach to the classic amnesia tale, giving Runaway Bride an appealing twist. ... [This] remarkable cast of characters will linger in the reader's memory long after the last page is turned. Very highly recommended. 5-star Amazon reviewA fun quick read that's filled with tenderness and passion

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1 x 13,5 x 19,5 cm 1 x 13,5 x 21 cm 15,2 x 0,7 x 22,9 cm F Scott Fitzgerald 1 Ocak 2018 15,2 x 0,6 x 22,9 cm 28 Şubat 2018 H. G. Wells 19,5 x 13,5 cm 4 Ocak 2017 5 Ocak 2017 G. A. Henty 19,5 x 1 x 13,5 cm Jack London 3 Ocak 2017 B M Bower Kolektif 1 Ocak 2017
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yazar Patricia McLinn
isbn 13 978-1944126605
Yayımcı Craig Place Books
Boyutlar ve boyutlar 15.24 x 1.55 x 22.86 cm
Tarafından yayınlandı The Runaway Bride (The Wedding Series) 7 Kasım 2019

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