Publishing, T: Origami Paper 100 Sheets Kaleidoscope 6" okumak kayıt olmadan

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Publishing, T: Origami Paper 100 Sheets Kaleidoscope 6"

This pack contains 100 high-quality origami sheets printed with mesmerizing Kaleidoscope Patterns.These illustrations were chosen to enhance the creative work of origami artists and paper crafters. The pack contains 12 patterns unique to this pack, and all of the papers are printed with coordinating colors on the reverse side to provide aesthetically pleasing combinations in origami projects that show both the front and back of the papers.This origami paper pack includes: 100 sheets of high-quality origami paper 12 unique designs Vibrant and bright colors Double-sided color Small 6 x 6 inch squares Instructions for 6 easy origami projects

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Insight Editions 28 Şubat 2018 21 x 0,5 x 29,7 cm 14,8 x 0,5 x 21 cm 12 Ekim 2016 25 Şubat 2018 21 x 0,5 x 29,6 cm Kolektif 14,8 x 0,7 x 21 cm 21,6 x 0,6 x 27,9 cm 23 Temmuz 2017 Emily Grace Collectif edition cumulus 22 Mayıs 2016 21,6 x 0,2 x 27,9 cm 12 Eylül 2017 J B SBoon
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yazar Publishing, T: Origami Paper 100 Sheets Kaleidoscope 6" Tuttle Publishing

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