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Poisoning By Plants, Mycotoxins and Related Toxins

This comprehensive collection of up-to-the-minute research in the field of poisonous plants investigates the effects of toxins on animals and humans. It covers the effects of poisonous plants on the liver, the reproductive system, and the nervous system, as well as exploring the field of herbal medicine. In a specialised section devoted to control measures, the book highlights techniques such as vaccination and taste aversion, providing the reader with important information on safeguarding against disaster. This volume is an essential reference for veterinarians, researchers, toxicologists and chemists.

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1 Ocak 2018 BrownTrout Publisher Collectif 28 Şubat 2018 15 x 0,3 x 22 cm Dazzle Book Press 15 x 0,7 x 22 cm 1 Haziran 2018 15 x 0,5 x 22 cm Kolektif Flower Love Press 15 x 0,6 x 22 cm 30 Eylül 2020 U.S. Department of the Interior 1 Ocak 2017 1 Ocak 2016 21,6 x 0,6 x 27,9 cm 15 x 0,4 x 22 cm
okumak okumak kayıt olmadan
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yazar F. Riet-Correa J. Pfister A. L. Schild T. Wierenga
isbn 10 184593833X
isbn 13 978-1845938338
Yayımcı CABI Publising
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Boyutlar ve boyutlar 17,1 x 3,8 x 24,1 cm
Tarafından yayınlandı Poisoning By Plants, Mycotoxins and Related Toxins 12 Mayıs 2011

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